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We often talk about the benefits of Black Stuff to the microbiome, the balance there, and that many things start there. But what exactly is it?

The microbiome is a "newly discovered organ" because its existence was not widely recognized until the late 90s when Joshua Lederberg named it and pointed out the significant importance of the microorganisms inhabiting the human body to human health.

The largest number of microorganisms are in the human digestive tract, where its composition is influenced by age, genetics, lifestyle, medications, diseases, diet, etc. The microbiome is a collection of genetic information of human microorganisms that live with a person and do not cause illness when in balance.

The human body contains more than ten times more microbial cells than the human body's own cells. However, the weight of the microbiome is only 1-3 kg, depending on the person.

The normal microbial community in the gastrointestinal tract is diverse and balanced. Various gastrointestinal diseases are associated with the imbalance of the microbial community, for example: ulcerative colitis, irritable bowel syndrome, diabetes, allergies, and other chronic diseases.

Additionally, obesity and microbiome diversity, which largely results from dietary diversity, have been found to be strongly linked.

During the experiments, samples of the gut microflora community were taken from overweight and thin identical twins, and significant differences in their composition were found. Obesity has been associated with differences at the microflora level and significantly reduced bacterial diversity.

The most important aspect of the microbiome in medicine may be its potential impact on autoimmune diseases such as diabetes, psoriasis, Crohn's disease, autoimmune uveitis, rheumatoid arthritis, muscular dystrophy, multiple sclerosis, fibromyalgia, and possibly a role in the development of some cancers. Some microbes can also alter neurotransmitters in the brain, so we can use them to provide relief from schizophrenia, depression, bipolar disorder, and other neurochemical imbalances.

Traditionally, the immune system is viewed as a complex collection of organs, tissues, cells, and molecules that work together to eliminate pathogens.

Traditionally, the immune system is viewed as a complex collection of organs, tissues, cells, and molecules that work together to eliminate pathogens.

For example, type I diabetes is an autoimmune disease that is correlated with many contributing factors. These factors may include abnormalities in the gut microflora, a leaky gut mucosal barrier, or intrinsic differences in the immune response. Several animal models of diabetes show the role of bacteria in the manifestation of the disease.

DNA sequencing of the gut microflora community of healthy children and children with autoimmune disease has found several differences in their microbiome. Autoimmune children have a more unstable microbiome compared to healthy children, with significantly reduced species diversity.

Kuidas saada parem ülevaade oma mikrobioomist?

Synlabis on võimalik lasta teha mikrobioomi uuring, et saada vastust järgmistele küsimustele:

Milliseid baktereid leidub minu soolestikus?

Kas minu soole mikroobikooslus on mitmekesine ja tasakaalus?

Kas tarbin piisavalt erinevaid kiudaineid?

Kas minu toit sisaldab optimaalselt rasva ja valku?

Kas minu soole mikroobikoosluses on põletikke soodustavaid baktereid?

Milliseid potentsiaalselt kasulikke või kahjulikke baktereid leidub minu soolekoosluses?

Kuidas saaksin veelgi parandada oma toitumist ja seeläbi ka üldist tervist?

Mikrobioomi uuring annab ülevaate seedetrakti bakteriaalsest mikroobikooslusest ja aitab teha toitumisalaseid otsuseid.

Soovitame uuringut kui esineb vaevusi seedimisega (sh pikemaajalisem kõhulahtisus või -kinnisus), küsimusi toiduvaliku osas, üle- või alakaal, eridieet, huvi parandada oma jämesoole tervist vmt.

Kuna mikroobikooslust mõjutab toitumine ja elustiil võib uuringut korrata ka näiteks toitumiskava, ravi, dieedi jmt jälgimiseks või järgselt.

After four years of using Black Stuff, a microbiome study showed that the person's gut had twice as many different types of bacteria as the average person. In addition, bacteria were found that are not typical of the western diet, but instead of the natives living in the Amazon rainforest. In addition, this means that the substances in Black Stuff create an environment in the gut where vital bacteria can survive that would otherwise be unable to survive in today's lifestyle.

Maintaining the abundance and balance of the microbiome is extremely important. Often the symptom is not bloating or abdominal pain, but instead some other health problem that is not initially associated with the digestive system. Your health problems can also be related to the microbiome. Try Black Stuff and see for yourself!

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