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How to deal with constipation during pregnancy?

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Toidu närimine ja seedimine

4 reasons why you should pay more attention to chewing your food

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Soolatüükad ja seedesüsteem

Salt warts and the digestive system

Salivary warts are benign growths on the skin caused by the human papillomavirus (HPV). Warts are a common dermatological condition that affects people of all ages...
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10 kasulikku cbg ja fulviinhappe omadust

10 Benefits of CBG and Fulvic Acid

1. Anti-inflammatory properties: CBG has shown potential as an anti-inflammatory compound, helping to reduce inflammation in the body as much as possible...
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Lahendus seedemuredele

Black Stuff: A promising solution to common digestive problems

In a world where indigestion is a common ailment affecting millions of people, a ray of hope comes from research from the Faculty of Medicine at Riga Stradiņš University. The study, led by medical student Beāte Jurševska and supervised by Dr. Juris Pokrotnieks, investigated the effects of a dietary supplement called 'Black Stuff' over a four-week period on people suffering from common digestive disorders...
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Ebatervisliku soolestiku märgid ja kuidas seda parandada

Signs of an unhealthy gut and how to protect it

If you notice signs of unhealthy gut activity, changing lifestyle factors can help improve your gut microbiome and thereby improve overall health. What is the gut microbiome? The term "gut microbiome" refers to the microorganisms that live in our gut. Each person has about 200 different types of bacteria, viruses and fungi in their digestive tract...
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4 tüüpi toitu soolestiku tervise parendamiseks

4 types of food to improve gut health

Diet and gut health are very closely related. Avoiding processed foods, foods high in fat, and foods high in refined sugar is important for maintaining a healthy microbiome, as these foods can encourage the growth of harmful bacteria. There are also foods whose consumption actively promotes the growth of beneficial bacteria, helping to improve health. These foods include…
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Black Stuff, kui super kelaat

Black Stuff as super chelate

Chelation is part of the natural digestive process. Its purpose is to break down and transport trace elements from food through the intestinal wall into the blood, from where they are in turn taken to cells and organs. Research shows that chelation is relatively ineffective in the human body, which is why a large part of the micronutrients from food is not absorbed by the body...
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Viis kasuliku fulviinhappe omadust

5 useful things you should know about fulvic acid

If you're attracted to health and wellness trends, you've probably heard of a compound called fulvic acid. But if the term is unfamiliar, now is the time to familiarize yourself with its meaning...
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C vitamini blogi postituse pilt

Black Stuff goes in war against sugar! Protect you liver and feed your gut!

One of the most significant benefits provided by lignin and fulvic acids is their ability to regulate sugar absorption in the digestive system. Did you know that 25% of the world's population suffers from a disease that is the largest pandemic in world history? Fatty liver disease is not just a problem caused by alcohol but also by sugar.
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Understanding Prebiotics: Supporting Gut Health and Overall Wellness

Probiotics are very useful and important bacteria, then we cannot forget prebiotics, which are food for probiotics and have an important role in maintaining a balanced gut microbiome...
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5 useful habits

From brushing our teeth to going to bed at night, every day we do small things that can affect our health...
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Pre, pro and antibiotic. What are they?

Thirty years ago, you could take a bear-shaped multivitamin a day and call it taking care of your health. Today, the picture is something else...
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Everything most important begins with the communication between our cells-

Similar to communication between people, everything in our body is based on communication - between cells and organs....
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Taking care of your gut thanks to the GAPS nutrition plan and supplements

"All our troubles start from the gut!" - Hippocrates. The intestine is also...
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The disturbing health problem that feasting can bring

The month of Christmas has arrived, which means that many great events await...
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Travel Digestion

Travel indigestion, i.e. indigestion while traveling. Namely, the situation when the stomach twists, is closed or too loose, whether before the trip, during the trip or after the trip, ultimately spoils the entire travel experience...
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Spring tiredness

When the days get longer, it is clearly noticeable, but what we often don't notice is spring fatigue, which has sneaked up on us step by step...
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What is the microbiome?

We often talk about the benefits of Black Stuff to the microbiome, the balance there, and that many things start there. But what exactly is it?
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Black Stuff team in Tallinn International Horse Show 2021

1.-3. until October 2022, the Tallinn International Horse Show was held 18 times, within which two stages of the World Cup were also held...
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Bioneer: Black Stuff - A helping hand of nature and science for modern man

Read what Bioneer said about us
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Video: Siim Land- The Missing Ingredient in Healthy Food and Soil

See what Siim Land says in his show
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Your dog also deserves the best

Meil on heameel, et oleme saanud tänu Black Stuffile teieni tuua toidulaualt puuduoleva osa ja seeläbi ka paljusid aidata. Ka sinu parim sõber väärib parimat. Suurima rõõmuga teatame, et alates tänasest on sul võimalik Black Stuffi anda ka oma koerale, talle meelepärase maiusena...
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Lyme disease test group results!

The reasons why Black Stuff was tried were: fatigue left after suffering from borreliosis, anxiety, concentration problems, headaches, muscle and joint pain, digestive problems..
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Magazine Vegan: Why it is important to grow a food sustainable

Read what Magazin Vegan wrote about Black Stuff
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Paljas Porgand: The binder - the most important helper in cleansing!

Read what Paljas Porgand had to say about Black Stuff
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Video: Dali Getter Karat - What is the Black Stuff?

See what Dali Getter Karat had to say about Black Stuff
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Are you happy or sad? Gut health affects our mood more than you might think

If one has not experienced depression or anxiety herself, she may think that these are first world problems...
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